A Tradition Unlike Any Other???

It’s almost unimaginable sitting in my office this morning that the Masters starts two weeks from today. For us in Southern Ontario, golf’s first major tournament of the year typically can be used as a gauge for the start of our season. It is with some sadness that unless something with the weather doesn’t change drastically and quickly. This years Masters will most likely be viewed with snow on the ground.

We have spent some time this week attempting to get to some of the heavier snow-covered greens to clear some snow off of them. The mission has been fruitless, marred with endless digging out of equipment. We did manage to get to 8 Midlands green yesterday and I was surprised at the amount of snow still on the ground.

Below you can see the depth of the top layer we blew off with a smaller blower;


This picture shows the next layer down. This thick ice layer is from January’s ice storm. Luckily we have a 4 inch layer of snow underneath that ice layer and that layer has been there since right after the ice storm;


I took this picture in January after the ice storm. That layering has remained unchanged through the winter;


The actual blowing was the easy part. Though the operator was a little chilly when he finished;


Below are a couple of pictures of the golf course itself. We have a way to go still;


Looking down Highlands 2 fairway;


It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago we were open for play for a week by this time. Predictions are difficult at this point in time, but I would say we will be at least a week to ten days behind the typical opening date. So take the time and enjoy the Masters. I’m almost disappointed that I turned down tickets for it this year!!! Here’s to the better (and warmer) weather in the coming days.

Andrew Hardy



One comment

  1. nick wolfe · March 27, 2014

    wow, that is a lot of snow. I can see about 65 percent of my course here in alberta. one warm week and we could be ready. good luck and I love the updates.

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